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Chili Peppers Tex-Mex Bar & Grill предлагает Вам попробовать лучшие латиноамериканские, мексиканские и итальянские блюда, с любовью приготовленные мастером мексиканским шеф-поваром. В меню ресторана присутствуют классические рецепты мексиканской кухни, традиционно подаваемые на мексиканской лепешке и классические европейские аранжировки мексиканского колорита. Если Вам не знакома мексиканская кухня, Chili Peppers Tex-Mex Bar & Grill – лучший способ начать свое путешествие в удивительный мир необычных вкусовых ощущений. Мексиканская еда, столь необычная станет настоящим открытием для Ваших вкусовых ощущений. Вопреки расхожему мнению, независимо от того, любите Вы острую пищу или нет, в мексиканской кухне найдется блюдо по вкусу именно Вам. Со всем многообразием мексиканских рецептов, представленных у нас, Вы можете ознакомиться в разделе Меню.”

Welcome to Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers Tex-Mex Bar & Grill invites you to taste the best North and Latin American, Mexican as well as regional Italian food, passionately prepared by our master Chefs. The menu of our restaurant contains classic recipes of Mexican cuisine, traditionally served on Mexican tortillas, as well as classic continental European cuisine with a modest Tex-Mex and Mexican fusion. If you are, or are not familiar with authentic Tex-Mex or Mexican food, Chili Peppers Tex-Mex Bar & Grill is the only place to go in Bishkek or Central Asia – and begin your journey into the wonderful world of these impressive taste sensations. Contrary to popular belief, Latin cuisine is not “spicy & hot,” but a blend of wonderful flavors. Regardless of whether you like spicy food or not, we have a wide range of Tex-Mex, Mexican or European dishes made just for you. But if you like it “spicy & hot,” we have that too. Check out our online menu to see some of our delectable offerings. If you have been disappointed with poor imitations of Mexican cuisine, come home to our Tex-Mex cantina and rediscover the authentic flavors of North and Latin America that only Chili Peppers Tex-Mex Bar & Grill can offer. We now offer delivery of our menu items through Namba Food for you to enjoy your favorites from Chili Peppers at home!



We design all our recipes with carefully selected ingredients to bring you tasty edibles that are especially good at protecting the brain’s delicate nerve cells and blood vessels. Most of them squelch free radicals, the renegade oxygen molecules spun off as the brain goes about the business of the mind.


We source all our menu items locally, directly from regional farms and products from producers in and around the Capital. We encourage you to savor your meal and linger in our cozy ambiance over a pot of tea, a cup of coffee or a of fresh juice cocktail. We also offer a great selection of vegetarian dishes.


Our food comes café-style, with a wide range of choices featuring entrées, quiche, sandwiches, soups, salads, vegetarian dishes and much more. All this, plus a smattering of daily entrée specials, as well as scrumptious desserts including a range of in-house-made tarts, pies and local favorites.


Chili Peppers Bar & Grill is Bishkek's first original Tex-Mex restaurant. Recipes are the creation of our Chef Luis, an International Chef, that has delighted customers with his culinary creations in Texas and Latin American restaurants, and now we've brought him to Bishkek, to perform his culinary magic for expats and Central Asians. Chili Peppers is quaint from the outside, a little more hip on the inside. Chili Peppers Bar & Grill is a comfort zone for people who don’t want to drop a big wad of cash on their cuisine of choice - be it Tex-Mex, Latin American or Southern European fusion. Customers gather here in swarms, making a buzz of conversation while waiting for our Chef's delicious creations. The food comes American bistro café-style, with a wide range of choices; prime steaks, chilis, pasta, sandwiches, soups, salads, etc., wine, and wide range of specialty drinks. Our coffee is Italian - Espressamente illy - the gourmet coffee of Italy, available as espresso, traditional coffee and specialty caffeinated drinks. Chili Peppers Bar & Grill offers a smattering of daily entrée specials as well as scrumptious desserts, which include a wide range of made in-house tarts, pies and local favorites. Stop by and let us amaze you!

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Chili Peppers Onion Blossom

Chili Peppers Onion Blossom

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Chili Peppers Guacamole & Chips

Chili Peppers Guac & Chips

Our 100% natural guacamole is made fresh daily from imported Mediterranean and Peruvian avocados, the freshest ingredients and our veggie mix, combined to make the perfect side dish companion to your Latin entrees or as a chips and guac appetizer. Also, seasonal variations combined with fruit are periodically offered to […]

Chili Peppers Fish Tacos

California Fish or Shrimp Soft Tacos

One of the many perks of living in Southern California is the beach, and what pairs better with beach-life than seafood tacos and surfing? Our California Fish Tacos start with hand battered fresh fish, seasoned and cooked to golden perfection then are topped with pico de gallo, 3 cheese blend, onions, […]

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