About Chili Peppers Bar & Grill

Chili Peppers Baby Back RibsChili Peppers Bar & Grill is Bishkek's first original Tex-Mex restaurant. Chili Peppers Bar & Grill is quaint from the outside, a little more hip on the inside ans is a comfort zone for people who don’t want to drop a big wad of cash on their cuisine of choice. Customers gather here in swarms, making a buzz of conversation while waiting for our delicious American Southwest (Tex-Mex), Latin American and Southern Italian creations.

Our food comes in an American bistro style, with a wide range of choices featuring seasonal entrées, thick and flawlessly prepared prime steaks that are grilled to perfection, Tex-Mex and Latin specialties, Italian pasta, sandwiches, soups, salads, etc. Most of our regular menu has been reformulated and is offered with a vegetarian alternative, by excluding meat products, and we made a great deal of effort to replicate the flavor as best as possible.

All this, plus a smattering of daily entrée specials prepared for you daily.  Chili Peppers Bar & Grill also has a great selection of Spanish wines and wide range of specialty drinks.

Our coffee is also very special and exclusive from the International Masters of Italian coffee - Espressamente illy - and our baristas can offer you an espresso, boutique coffees and specialty caffeinated or decaffeinated drinks. 

chili-peppers-bishkek-illy-coffee4illy Coffee is the premiere gourmet coffee of Italy and Europe, blended from nine different varieties of Arabica highland elite, 100% eco grown coffee beans,  from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya and Guatemala, ranging from Brazilian Santos grade and creating distinctive flavors and blends. Our Espresso is gentle, soft, and at the same time, saturated with rich flavor aromas – not bitter. The illy taste is recognizable event before your first sip, its rich, soft and velvety aroma, with notes of fruit, caramel and chocolate – a distinct characteristic of the illy taste – always perfect, unchanged from cup to cup.

illy is the Art of Coffee. This rich symphony of taste and flavor is enjoyed by millions of coffee connoisseurs every day all over the world. Chili Peppers is proud to bring this Italian Coffee delight for you to enjoy a true gourmet coffee experience. 

Chili Peppers Bar & Grill not only offers a smattering of daily entrée specials, but also scrumptious desserts, which include a wide range of made in-house tarts, pies and local favorites.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Eating healthy should always be a priority. But it does not have to be bland! Healthy eating can be accomplished by simply changing eating habits and changing the methods of cooking, and that's what we do at Chili Peppers Bar & Grill. We do not cook bland or boring dishes. We understand flavors and create dishes that will have you eating well and feeling well.

It all begins with careful planning. Our chefs begin the day by carefully selecting fresh vegetables, lean cuts of meat, low fat farm raised chicken and fresh fish. When we select red meats for instance, we choose meats that do not contain high amounts of fat and we select only meat that has low marbling. Any visible fat is trimmed off prior to cooking.

Our menu items contain a rainbow of natural colors and flavors - reds, purples, blues, orange, yellows, green, white, brown to name a few - designed to provide you with vitamins which are essential to a healthy lifestyle.