Chili Peppers Onion Blossom

Chili Peppers Onion Blossom

A farm fresh, locally grown sweet onion, hand-carved into petals, cooked to a crispy golden color. We have created a spicy signature dip for you to enjoy your Chili Peppers Onion Blossom petals. Come on over and enjoy your Bloom at the only place in Bishkek that has it. Have yours […]

Chili Peppers Guacamole & Chips

Chili Peppers Guac & Chips

Our 100% natural guacamole is made fresh daily from imported Mediterranean and Peruvian avocados, the freshest ingredients and our veggie mix, combined to make the perfect side dish companion to your Latin entrees or as a chips and guac appetizer. Also, seasonal variations combined with fruit are periodically offered to […]

Chili Peppers Fish Tacos

California Fish or Shrimp Soft Tacos

One of the many perks of living in Southern California is the beach, and what pairs better with beach-life than seafood tacos and surfing? Our California Fish Tacos start with hand battered fresh fish, seasoned and cooked to golden perfection then are topped with pico de gallo, 3 cheese blend, onions, […]

shredded chicken tacos

Chili Peppers Asada Soft Tacos

The American Southwest and Mexico has a plethora of colors and diverse flavors. Chili Peppers Tex-Mex Bar & Grill is excited to introduce you a small sample of this cuisine. In our menu, you have huge choice of Carne Asada or Marinated Chicken Southwestern Tacos, served in a fresh tortilla, shredded cheese, […]

ChiliPeppers Carolina Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich

Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich

Tender, slow cooked smoked pork shoulder topped with our spicy coleslaw, mustard and Chipotle lime Cream. Served with French fries. Нежная свинина с добавлением соленых огурцов, пряного салата из капусты, горчицы, цитрусово-сливочного соуса Чипотл. Подается с картофелем фри.

buffalo wings 1

Authentic Buffalo Wings

12 baked, then fried, spicy chicken wings tossed in our homemade original Buffalo butter sauce served with carrot sticks and Texas Ranch sauce. С соусом выбор: неострый, средний, очень острый. Подается с соусом Техасский Ранч и морковью (12 шт).